Mayr-Melnhof Holz excels in the field of timber processing with its fully developed and versatile range of products. With 50 years of experience in glulam construction, this company is one of the industry's pioneers and defines itself as a single-source producer and consultant for perfect timber construction solutions.

The timber construction method offered by this company is of continuously increasing importance. Ever more architects and planners are now being attracted and convinced by the environmental benefits and the countless useful characteristics of wood as a natural raw material. Cross-laminated timber still a very young product on the market. MM Holz recognises the great potential this product still holds for the future. The construction of a wooden building produces considerably less noise than conventional building work and the electrical installations can also be made with significantly less effort. Extremely short and weather-independent assembly times further add to the very rapid completion of the construction process.

Large-scale products by Mayr-Melnhof Holz include the Hummelkaserne in Graz, the new Media Centre in Schladming (Austria), as well as a shopping centre in Gerasdorf near Vienna, entirely designed as a timber construction complex. Further large-scale projects include the construction of the Molde Airport and the Svalbard Research Station (Norway), numerous student homes and schools, a fire department depot building, a senior citizens home in Graz and another in the town of Hallein, all built in modular design, together with a great many innovative and attractive project.