The tough panel – often imitated, but never reached.

K1 multiplan is a three-ply solid timber panel which is approved for structural load purposes. The product is manufactured according harmonized European Standards an labelled CE based on Construction Products Regulation (CPR). This structural panel is characterised by an extraordinarily high load-bearing capacity and dimensional stability. It is versatile and flexible in its application. The range of thickness and size is 20 to 75 mm and 2x6m. 

Areas of application


  • Load-bearing roof, ceiling and wall elements
  • Bracing and space enclosing panel
  • Plane area-covering structural elements
  • Curved area-covering structural elements
  • Structurally effective acoustic panels
  • Exterior wall cladding
  • Special shapes can be machined from large panels
  • Large format, extremely strong structural panel
  • Standard format 2x6 m
  • 2 x 5 m on request > 300m² 
  • Thicknesses from 20 to 75 mm
  • Made of solid spruce or Siberian larch
  • Load-bearing and bracing functions
  • Natural building material, climate-friendly
  • Visually attractive surfaces
  • Quality-controlled manufacturing 

Versatile and exceptionally sturdy

K1 multiplan is suitable for load-bearing and bracing applications. In addition, it may be used for exterior wall cladding. The panel is manufactured from selected domestic spruce or Siberian larch in a unique production process. 

Designer, engineers and timber builder rely upon quality and performance K1 multiplan for more than two decades.