Modern, ecological and flexible – developed to be used in constructive wood building.

MM crosslam is is a solid, structurally effective wooden element that also creates distinctive spaces. Thanks to its flexible dimensions and excellent physical building properties, it is suitable for any thinkable building requirements.

The crosswise layering construction made of high-quality raw material with permanent bonding provides dimensionally stable and rigid building components.



Areas of applicationProperties
  • Single and multi-family housing 
  • Multi-storey residential housing
  • Addition of storeys
  • Urban aggregation
  • Kindergartens and schools
  • Commercial, administrative and industrial buildings
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Tourism and leisure-time
  • Modular buildings
  • Solid, value-maintaining type of construction
  • Space gain due to reduced component thickness
  • Flexible design not limited by grid patterns
  • Excellent shape and dimensional accuracy
  • Outstanding structural properties with low net weight
  • Prefabricated elements, simple low-dust and low-noise assembly
  • Short construction time due to dry construction method
  • Natural, sustainable construction material
  • CO2 reservoir


Weighty arguments take shape  


The range of applications includes everything from individually designed single-family houses to large-volume construction projects.

The large-format solid wood panels make it possible to cope effortlessly with special structural challenges.

The layered design principle with simple jointing details guarantees the most cost-effective applications in all areas of building. The quick and uncomplicated assembly of the elements allows extremely short construction times. The wide range of creative options fulfils the expectations of lovers of both modern and traditional architecture as well as building methods.