Quality for highly visible timber structures

MM vistaline is a rectangular-shaped, glued lamella beam for visible applications in private and commercial buildings. MM vistaline solid timber beams consist of 2 or 3 lamellas that are vertically glued with one another. A special cutting pattern, the exceptional sorting and the careful drying of the spruce wood form the basis for the unique visual quality of the finished product. Since 1991 MM vistaline beams have been manufactured at the Gaishorn site in Styria, Austria and distributed by the Mayr-Melnhof Holz Group throughout Europe.


Areas of application


  • Walls and ceilings
  • Visible roof structures
  • Post-and-beam construction
  • Timber frame and skelecton construction
  • 2 or 3-ply glued lamella beams
  • Without glue lines in the height of the component
  • Custom cutting pattern at sawmill, special sorting
  • Highest surface quality
  • Short lead times through constant availability
  • Inherently stable because of kiln-dried lamellas
  • Minimised split formation, engineered timber product
  • No need for chemical protection of the timber
  • Natural building material, climate-friendly
  • Quality-controlled manufacturing


MM vistaline

The visible beams of the MM vistaline are available in two, three or four-ply glued versions and in 24 cross sections, depending on the application.

The strength of the spruce lamellas is regulated by the European timber grading rules – the optical quality is carefully selected. Architects and builders value MM vistaline as an inherently stable, split-minimised lamella beam without visible glue lines in the broad and visible side of the component. That is why these high quality products are used primarily to enhance the appearance of residential areas, restaurants, exhibition halls or hotel complexes.

All MM vistaline products are tested for quality and are PEFC certified.