Wood is the construction material of the future and has strongly gained in importance as building material. The growing awareness for a more efficient use of our natural resources has also resonated with the construction business. At the same time, technical developments have made possible entirely new ways of design in wood construction. Therefore one of the oldest building materials used by mankind now presents itself in a previously unknown variety, robustness and with unprecedented aesthetic appeal.

Wood has unbelievable technical, creative and economic potentials. Wood makes up trail-blazing public buildings, contemporary timber constructions as well as multi-storey buildings such as in residential housing.

Wood guarantees the availability of entirely new dimensions

In terms of both useful space and height. With modern calculation and manufacturing methods, virtually any construction becomes possible. Be it span widths of more than 150 metres or heights way above 20 metres - wood as building material makes it all possible and provides extraordinary robustness at that. The impressively fast processing times are impossible to achieve with other types of construction material.

A great benefit for all architects

When it comes to design, there is hardly anything wood could not provide. Opens internal link in current windowClick here to learn more about buildings by Mayr-Melnhof that have already been realised.

Wood products are long term CO2-repositories

If a tree is used in wood production, its carbon content is retained throughout the entire life-span of the product. The wooden product therefore becomes a long-term carbon repository. The carbon will only be released, if the wood is e.g. burnt or left to rot. Therefore not only forests, but also all products made of wood (buildings, furniture etc.) represent gigantic carbon repositories.

"If we would use 10% more wood in construction, the EU would have no problem meeting the Kyoto goals."

Wood is durable and robust

Wood is a light-weight construction material with extraordinarily beneficial technical properties. Despite its low weight, wood provides high tensile and compressive strength, and if used appropriately, it is also highly resistant towards weather influences.