Quality first


MM royalpellets meet the highest quality standards established on the market. The entire production is "EN Plus A1" certified. This guarantees that you get strictly controlled and high-quality fuel that allows your heating system to operate under optimal conditions and achieve the best heating values possible. This way you avoid using wood pellets of lower quality that may compromise the efficiency of your heating system and pollute the environment.

Key data of MM royalpellets

  • Made of 100% spruce sawdust and wood shavings
  • High density / grinding suitability
  • Low water conten

 10 reasons in favour of MM royalpellets

  1. Environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable fuel
  2. High heating value (4,8 kWh/kg or 18 MJ/kg)
  3. Simple handling (15kg bags or pellet transport by silo truck directly to the pellet bunker).
  4. Long-term price stability compared to fossil fuels.
  5. Highly developed production technology ensures consistent quality levels.
  6. Ease of operation and user-friendliness compared to oil heating systems.
  7. MM royalpellets do not contain any synthetic or chemical binding agents.
  8. The combustion of MM royalpellets  creates a minimum of residual ash (< 0.5%).
  9. After combustion of MM royalpellets, the ash can be used as fertiliser.
  10. Our high production volume ensures security of supply with MM royalpellets  all year round.