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Ecological, individual and ready to install

MM crosslam cross-laminated timber is THE solid wood building material for modern and classical architecture.

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Mayr-Melnhof Holz MM crosslam is a solid cross-laminated timber panel that can be used for structural and partitioning purposes alike. Three to nine layers of selected softwood lamellas are permanently cross-laminated. This structure produces lightweight yet strong, slim, and dimensionally stable building components with excellent structural and physical properties. Using our modern CNC machining stations we can  create fully finished panels readied for installation and assembly on site. This high degree of prefabrication and the wide variety of panel formats allows for fast, low-dust installation at the construction site. 

MM crosslam, like all Mayr-Melnhof Holz structural timber products, is PEFC-certified. As a natural, regrowing building material that stores CO2, the use of MM crosslam cross-laminated timber makes an important contribution to active climate protection.

Wood – building material of the future
Sustainability & raw material use

MM crosslam: Benefits
  • A wide variety of formats and dimensions
  • High load-bearing capacity and impressive strength to weight ratio
  • Excellent inherent and dimensional stability
  • High degree of prefabrication, resulting in simple, low-noise and low-dust installation as well as short construction time
  • Large spans

  • Space savings thanks to low construction thickness
  • Solid, value-retaining construction method using high-quality visible wood surfaces
  • Flexible design with elements made-to-measure
  • Precision CNC machining & finishing for individual project requirements
MM crosslam: Areas of application
  • Types of buildings
  • Single and multiple family homes
  • Multi-storey residential buildings
  • Modular and temporary buildings
  • Community buildings such as kindergartens, schools and nursing homes
  • Commercial, office and industrial buildings
  • Agricultural structures
  • Tourism buildings such as hotels and restaurants
  • Leisure facilities such as sports centres and pools
  • Building components
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Roof structures
  • Beams
  • System elements
MM crosslam: Technical specifications
Wood species Spruce (Picea Abies)
Strength class C24/T14
Surface sanded
Moisture content 12 % (± 2 %)
Weight approx. 480 kg/m³ (to determine transport weight)
Gluing PUR EN 15425-I-70-GP-0,3 ; MUF EN 301-I-90-GP-0,3 S
Fire behaviour D-s2, d0
Usage class NKL 1+2
Technical approval ETA -09/0036
Quality non-visible quality (NVI), industrial-visible quality (IVI), visible quality (VI)
Thickness 60 mm - 320 mm (PUR) and 60 mm - 300 mm (MUF)
Height 3.5 m (PUR) and 3 m (MUF)
Length 16 m (PUR) and 16.5 m (MUF)
Special shapes XC® by MMK Timber concrete composite element
finned and box elements 
Mayr-Melnhof Holz: Logistics services for MM crosslam


  • Long-standing stable business relationships with a large number of logistics service providers in Europe.
  • We use digital platforms for fast communication with our transport service providers.


  • Loading into shipping containers is possible at all sites.
  • With trusted logistics partnerss we are able to offer fast and reliable container shipments worldwide.
  • Subject inducement we can offer breakbulk shipments from the Adriatic, Baltic and North Seas.
  • With our own port terminal in Koper, Slovenia, we have regular chartered services to southern Mediterranean ports & beyond.


  • All Mayr-Melnhof Holz sawmills in Leoben (AT) & Paskov (CZ) as well as our timber processing plants in Gaishorn (AT) & Wismar (DE) are directly connected to national railway networks.
  • We use both private & public rail service providers to transport goods in an environmentally friendly manner.

Delivery to construction sites

  • Just-in-time deliveries to our cross-laminated and glulam construction sites.
  • A full range of modern transport solutions is offered as necessary:
    • all-wheel drive trucks
    • narrow-access self-steering trailers
    • hydraulically steered trailers
    • solo vehicles with up to 10 m loading length for inner-city areas
    • covered loads up to 3,5 m wide 
    • loads up to 52 m length
    • trailers with on-board forklifts
    • Edscha sliding roof trailers for vertical access

Together with our logistics partners we will provide you with professional documentation to enable you to cover all your export, import, and customs formalities without problems. 

CLTdesigner: Pre-dimensioning programme for MM crosslam

The CLTdesigner programme for cross-laminated timber pre-dimensioning – developed by the specialist timber research company holz.bau forschung GmbH in Graz, Austria – was based on MM crosslam structural properties. This pre-dimensioning software, regularly tested and updated, is available free of charge and without commitment to our customers.

To the dimensioning programme

Downloads & Certificates

Choose products from Mayr-Melnhof Holz with confidence. The raw material we use, our supply chains and our productionprocesses are subject to rigorous internal and third-party controls. Our certification and technical standards confirm our far-reaching efforts.


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