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XC® XlamConcrete by MMK

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Innovative, flexible and optimally combined.

XC® marks a smart, ecological combination between wood and concrete for high-quality floors in residential and office buildings.

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XC® components are pre-fabricated, large-format and standardised panel-shaped timber concrete composite elements for structural civil engineering purposes. For instance, this hybrid is used for high-quality floors and partition ceilings in multi-storey residential and office buildings. XC® combines the properties of both perfectly: Cross-laminated timber – which is also available in visible quality – takes care of the tensile forces that occur in the structure's lower cross-section, while the concrete absorbs the compressive forces in the upper. As a building element, the XC® by MMK timber concrete composite element bridges large spans with an improved vibration behaviour and good sound insulation values. Its high degree of industrial prefabrication and flexible dimensions allow for fast and dust-free installation at the construction site.

XC® by MMK timber concrete composite elements were developed by Mayr-Melnhof Holz in cooperation with Kirchdorfer Fertigteilholding and are produced by their joint venture MMK Holz-Beton-Fertigteile GmbH.

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XC® – Xlam Concrete: Benefits
  • Predefined standards
  • Large spans possible for simple floor plan layout
  • Standardised tender documents
  • Natural wood appearance is retained due to tested sound insulation superstructures
  • Outstanding structural-physical properties
  • High sound insulation and very good vibration behaviour (ceiling class 1 according to Eurocode)
  • Ready to install and free of underpinning
  • Fire protection verification via dimensioning
  • Advantages in the construction process
  • No additional introduction of building moisture during the construction process
  • No fasteners in the element as standard and therefore recyclable by type
XC® – Xlam Concrete: Areas of application
  • Types of buildings
  • Single and multiple family homes
  • Multi-storey residential buildings
  • Community buildings such as kindergartens, schools and nursing homes
  • Tourism buildings such as hotels and restaurants
  • Commercial and office buildings
  • Building components
  • XC® living flat ceilings
  • XC® living plus flat ceilings with edge beams for linear and rest supports
  • XC® living plus flat ceilings with edge beams for linear and rest supports and integrated balcony 
  • XC® office beam ceilings

You can find detailed information on all building components, tender documents, installation instructions and much more at www.holzbetonverbund.eu and in the product manual.

Pre-fabricated XC® components are particularly suited for renovation, expansion, urban densification and redensification due to their low weight compared to other building materials.

Technical specifications for cross-laminated timber in the product XC® – Xlam Concrete
Wood species Spruce (Picea Abies)
Strength grade                C24
Surface sanded
Moisture content 12% (± 2%)
Weight approx. 480 kg/m³ (to determine transport weight)
Gluing MUF EN 301-I-90-GP-0,3 S
Fire class D-s2, d0
Usage class NKL 1+2
Product standard ETA -09/0036
Quality Non-visible, industrial visible quality, residential visible
Thickness 100 mm cross-laminated timber (at 80 mm of concrete) - 200 mm cross-laminated timber (at 340 mm of concrete)
Width 3 m (MUF)
Length up to 10.2 m
Surface area Min. 5 m2 surface area
Special shapes XC® living
XC® living plus flat ceiling with edge beam for vertical load transfer
XC® living balcony flat ceiling with integrated balcony
XC® office
XC® office plus beam ceiling with edge beam for vertical load transfer
XC® office balcony beam ceiling with integrated balcony
MMK: Logistics services for XC® – Xlam Concrete

Truck delivery to construction sites

  • Long-standing stable business relationships with a large number of logistics service providers
  • We use digital platforms for fast communication with our transport service providers.
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • A full range of modern transport solutions is offered as necessary:
    • all-wheel drive trucks
    • narrow-access self-steering trailers
    • hydraulically steered trailers
    • solo vehicles with up to 10 m loading length for inner-city areas
    • covered loads up to 3,5 m wide 
    • loads up to 52 m length
    • trailers with on-board forklifts
    • Edscha sliding roof trailers for vertical access

Documents & formalities
Together with our logistics partners we will provide you with professional documentation to enable you to cover all your export. import, and customs formalities without problems. 

Downloads & Certificates

Choose products from Mayr-Melnhof Holz with confidence. The raw material we use, our supply chains and our productionprocesses are subject to rigorous internal and third-party controls. Our certification and technical standards confirm our far-reaching efforts.


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