Mayr-Melnhof Holz completely utilises the valuable raw material that is wood.

For us at Mayr-Melnhof Holz, the future has already begun: We think of the coming generations, decision-making and acting on the principle of sustainability are a matter of fact for us. The result of this responsible approach to the raw material that is wood are efficiently produced natural wood products, economically healthy locations, long-standing business partnerships and secure jobs.

responsible & sustainable.

Only those with strong roots can grow, and flourish. The roots of Mayr-Melnhof Holz date back to 1850.

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Sustainable sources – active forest management

Ensuring in the present that sufficient resources will be available in the future is the principle of sustainability to which European forestry has been committed for some 300 years. We at Mayr-Melnhof Holz exclusively source the valuable raw material that is wood from sustainably managed forests that are PEFC-certified or meet similar standards recognised by the PEFC. We see this is part of our corporate responsibility, today and for future generations.

Long-standing partnerships – secure log supply

We at Mayr-Melnhof Holz know where and from whom we can source our raw material and can trace the delivery chain all the way back to the forest. Based on long-standing reliable partnerships, we have established a strong network of log suppliers in the vicinity of our sawmills at Leoben (AT), Paskov (CZ),  Insjön (SE), Blyberg (SE) and Mora (SE) to secure supply with this valuable raw material.

Regional procurement – short transport distances

The forests from which we source our wood are largely located in the heavily forested regions close to our sawmills in Leoben (AT), Paskov (CZ)Insjön (SE), Blyberg (SE) and Mora (SE). Direct transport routes for timber harvesting, delivery methods of logs that save as much CO2 as possible, reliable raw materials and thus on-time delivery of our products are important to us.

Secure jobs in the region – long-term investments

The timber industry is an important economic factor in Europe, employing a lot of regional employees. Apart from the traditional areas of employment, technical innovation, increasing automation and advancing digitalisation have created a wealth of new job opportunities in the timber industry in recent years. We are aware of our responsibility as an employer and strategically invest in our Mayr-Melnhof Holz's sites in order to secure our market position, develop and prepare ourselves for the future: This is how we secure our sites and thus jobs.

We utilise the entire log.

Sawn timber production at our sawmills is set up as a so-called coupled production system. The produced sawn timber is delivered to our timber processing plants in Gaishorn (AT), Reuthe (AT), Wismar (DE) and Olsberg (DE) for producing engineered timber products or it is delivered to external customers. The wood shavings accruing in the process are processed in pelletising systems, that are operated at every sawmill site, in order to produce pellets. Woodchips are utilised by the neighbouring paper and pulp industry. Even accruing bark is treated as an important raw material. It is turned into carbon-neutral thermal energy or green power at the biomass plants that we operate at all sawmill. The produced heat is used to dry our sawn timber, heat our own buildings and some of our neighbours’, contributing to climate protection.


Guaranteed sustainability along the chain of custody

In order to guarantee the benefits of sustainable and resource-conscious European forestry along the entire value chain to end users, we consistently have our chain of custody – from tree to customer – monitored by an independent external certification body. All of our Group’s sites meet the strict PEFC standards (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest PEFC). PEFC is the largest organisation dedicated to comprehensively guaranteeing sustainable forest management and this certificate honours the sustainability of the Mayr-Melnhof Holz value creation chain from raw material to finished product as well as the proper, careful handling of the valuable raw material that is wood. This is how we promote socially and environmentally compatible forestry and guarantee natural, ecological timber products.

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