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High calorific value, environmentally friendly and cosy.

MM royalpellets are the first choice when it comes to sustainable heating.

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Mayr-Melnhof Holz MM royalpellets meet the highest specified quality requirements of the market. Our entire pellets production is “EN Plus A1” certified. This guarantees a rigorously controlled and high-quality fuel that ensures the optimal use of your heating system thanks to a high calorific value. MM royalpellets are made from 100 per cent wood shavings and chips from our own sawmills. This secures the quality of our products and their supply.

Sustainability & raw material use
EN Plus A1

10 reasons for MM royalpellets
  1. Environmentally friendly fuel made from sawmill by-products from our own sawmills
  2. Raw material sourced from ecologically and sustainably managed forests
  3. High calorific value
  4. Simple handling (bags of 15 kg each / pellet transport by means of silo truck directly to pellet bunker)
  5. Long-term stable price compared to fossil fuels
  6. Highly developed production technology guarantees consistent quality
  7. Pellet heating systems are extremely easy to operate and use
  8. MM royalpellets are free from synthetic or chemical bonding agents
  9. Carbon-neutral incineration process that produces little ash (< 0.5 %)
  10. MM royalpellets offer supply reliability throughout the year
MM royalpellets: Facts
  • Raw material
  • 100 % wood chips and shavings from our own sawmills
  • Sustainable for
  • single and multiple family homes
  • housing complexes
  • industrial boiler systems
  • commercial, office and industrial buildings
  • community buildings such as kindergartens, schools and nursing homes
  • tourism buildings such as hotels and restaurants
  • leisure facilities such as sports centres and pools
MM royalpellets: Technical specifications
Wood species Softwood from mainly spruce (Picea Abies) and larch (Larix)
Product standard                ISO 17225- 2


Quality ENplus - A1
Diameter 6 mm
Calorific value Hu ≥ 4.8 kWh/kg
Ash content ≤ 0.4 %
Mechanical strength           ≥ 98 %
Dust ≤ 0.5 %
Length 3.15 mm - 40 mm
Moisture content ≤ 10 %
Bulk density 600 kg/m³ - 750 kg/m³
Mayr-Melnhof Holz: Logistics services for MM royalpellets

For consumers:
We work with a large number of retail and logistics partners all over Europe. Upon request, we can recommend the right distributor in your vicinity.

trader ENQUIRY

For retail partners:

  • Delivery of 15-kg bags | Minimum purchase quantity 23 pallets
  • Bulk pellets: Ex works loading of silo trucks or delivery by trucks with moving floor trailers
  • Delivery of Big Bags weighing 1,150 kg each | Minimum purchase quantity 20 Big Bags

Downloads & Certificates

Choose products from Mayr-Melnhof Holz with confidence. The raw material we use, our supply chains and our productionprocesses are subject to rigorous internal and third-party controls. Our certification and technical standards confirm our far-reaching efforts.


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