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Unique, individual and versatile.

By combining premium MM masterline beams with our timber engineering expertise and precision CNC machining services for assembly joints, we can create perfect tailor-made engineered glulam solutions.

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Glued laminated timber offers unique product features and myriad application options. Using precision CNC machining for assembly joints together with our long-standing technical expertise, Mayr-Melnhof Holz can offer the best solutions for the design and manufacture of special shapes and versatile structural building elements, whatever your project requires. 

The possibility to combine a variety of high-quality straight, tapered, or curved glulam beams opens up virtually endless design options. MM masterline is the international quality brand for glulam beams from the Mayr-Melnhof Holz Group. MM masterline eingineered glulam is precisely manufactured and finished on state-of-the-art CNC machining stations. The high degree of prefabrication means fast, low-dust installation at the construction site. Engineered from individually strength-graded lamellas, planed & parallel-glued, these glulam elements offer a convincing solution to applications where high load-bearing capacity, outstanding dimensional stability, cost efficiency as well as design versatility are needed.

MM masterline engineered glulam is subject to rigorous quality control during production and, like all Mayr-Melnhof Holz timber construction products, is PEFC-certified. As a natural, regrowing building material that stores CO2, the use of engineered glulam makes an important contribution to active climate protection.


Mayr-Melnhof Holz also serves as a one-stop-shop for timber engineering & turn-key construction. Learn more about our range of services at Timber engineering & turn-key construction MM complete by Hüttemann.

MM masterline engineered glulam: Product range
  • Engineered glulam
  • Straight components without press adjustment taller than 80 cm and longer than 18 m
  • Cambered components
  • Pent and saddle roof beams with straight lower boom, stepped bonding or with curved or cambered lower boom
  • Fish belly beams
  • Parallel curved components 
  • Freely designed special shapes
  • Block bonding & composite elements
    for component widths exceeding 28 cm
  • Universal finger-jointed connections
    for angled beam shapes 
  • Screwed pressure bonding
    finned and (hollow) boxed elements for
  • large spans with low material use
  • a uniform wooden panel ceiling view with invisible support structure
  • integrating building technology components in the factory
  • flat load-bearing structures with or without factory sealing
  • CNC machining services & finishing for mounting
  • angle and bevel cuts
  • chamfers
  • drilled holes
  • dovetails
  • mitre cuts
  • channels
  • slits
  • rounding
  • lettering
  • Additional services upon request
  • Technical advice - preliminary structural advice and static pre-dimensioning
  • Static calculations, as well as production and site planning, can be arranged in-house or with selected project partners 
  • Production based on customer specifications 
  • Pre-installation in the factory
  • Just-in-time delivery of numbered and packaged building components 

As part of our MM complete by Hüttemann service we can, if desired, act as project managers for your entire building project – from building permit to turnkey handover.

MM masterline: Beams systems

Parallel beams/single spans
Test Alternative Text

Ribbed and box elements

Finger-jointed connections

Parallel beams/multi-span
Lattice trusses
Three-jointed systems with
fingerjointed frame corners
Parallel beams with structural camber
Curved beams
Three-jointed systems
with curved frame corners
Tapered beams / Pent roof beams
Gable roof beams with curved lower boom
Straight beams with
external post-tensioning
Gable roof beams with straight lower boom
Fish belly beams
Curved beams
with external post-tensioning
Free shapes

d = lamination thickness
l = Span
h = Height
b = Width
Ü = Camber
*recommended roof inclination

MM masterline engineered glulam: Areas of application
  • Types of buildings
  • Warehouses and exhibition halls
  • Commercial, office and industrial buildings
  • Leisure facilities such as sports centres and pools
  • Churches and religious buildings
  • Touristic buildings such as hotels and restaurants
  • Community buildings such as kindergartens, schools and nursing homes
  • Single and multiple family homes
  • Building components 
  • Roof structures
  • Roof trusses
  • Beams 
  • Ceilings
  • Supports, columns and structural framing
  • Solid wood walls, wall cladding and façades
  • Architectural custom solutions & special designs
MM masterline engineered glulam: Technical specifications
Wood species Spruce (Picea Abies), larch (Larix)
Strength class GL24c, GL24h, GL28c, GL28h, GL30c, GL30h, GL32 upon request
Surface Planed on 4 sides, chamfered
Moisture content 12 % (± 2 %)
Density approx. 430 kg/m³ (spruce) / depending on strength class
Gluing MUF, EN 301-I-90-GP-0,3-S (melamine resin, bright glue joint, waterproof)
Fire class D-s2, d0
Usage class NKL 1+2, NKL 3 upon request
Product standard EN 14080:2013
Quality visual (VI), non-visual (NVI)
Width 6 cm - 28 cm (warehouse cross-section up to 20 cm)
Height 10 cm - 220 cm
Length 4 m - 56.3 m
Shapes straight
round column (diameter 12 cm - 24 cm)
Other glulam products MM masterline
MM HBE glulam house building element
MM profideck glulam ceiling element
MM blockdeck glulam floor and wall beams
MM vistaline glulam duo & trio beams
Mayr-Melnhof Holz: Logistics services for MM masterline special components

We work with a network of experienced transport and logistics service providers. We use digitised platforms for fast communication with our transport service providers.

Delivery to construction sites

  • We offer just-in-time deliveries to our glued laminated timber construction sites.
  • Deliveries are always made with the most suitable vehicles with modern equipment:
    • Hydraulically steered semi-trailers for special loads
    • Self-tracking semi-trailers for tight access situations
    • Special overlength transports as per requirements

Documents & formalities
Together with our logistics partners, we will provide you with professional documentation to enable you to conclude all your export, import, and customs formalities without problems.

Downloads & Certificates

Choose products from Mayr-Melnhof Holz with confidence. The raw material we use, our supply chains and our productionprocesses are subject to rigorous internal and third-party controls. Our certification and technical standards confirm our far-reaching efforts.


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