Sydskogen Skole

Bødalen, NO

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A carbon-neutral building

The public school of Sydskogen Skole in Bødalen (NO) meets the strict requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, thus achieving this leading international standard for energy-efficient construction. The school was entirely built from environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral building materials. Walls, ceilings and roofs consist of solid MM crosslam cross-laminated timber supplied by Mayr-Melnhof Holz.

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Start of planning
Start of construction
Building owner
Commune of Røyken
Timber construction company
Bermingrud AS
Material supplier
Mayr-Melnhof Holz Gaishorn

1,700 m3 of MM crosslam cross-laminated timber

Sydskogen School in Bødalen (NO) was built based on the municipality's strict energy and climate targets, making it a showcase for how public procurement can drive forward sustainable and climate-friendly building solutions. The building was the first school to be awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Such an award means that both the building process and its use and management must be in a sustainable overall context.

The school was largely built using wood, an environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral construction material; 1,700 m3 of solid PEFC-certified cross laminated timber from Mayr-Melnhof Holz were used for wall, ceiling and roof structures. The origin and use of the building material was meticulously controlled, and the strict requirements for air quality, brightness and acoustic properties were exceeded. The Sydskogen School shows us the future – today. Compared to reference buildings that – according to the TEK 10 (the technical regulation pursuant to the Planning and Building Act) this building caused 45 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions.  

Award: Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Sydskogen School In Norway’s Royken Municipality Is The First Nordic Eco-Labeled School – GreenBuilt

Photo credits: Sindre Sverdrup Strand

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