Technical Documents

Are you looking for further information? Here you will find environmental product declarations, fact sheets and publications.

Description DE EN CZ FR IT  
Environmental Product Declaration glued solid timber (stghb) download download  
Environmental Product Declaration glued laminatd timber (stghb) download download  
MM Environmental Product Declaration cross-laminated timber (stghb) download download  
Glulam-Bulletin (stghb) download download download download  
Bulletin cross-laminated timber (stghb) download download  
Code of practice on the applicability of glulam and glulam beams (stghb) download  
Bulletin on applicable calculation values for design according to DIN EN 1995-1-1 (stghb) download  
Code of practice for the refurbishment of glulam components (stghb) download  
Important instructions for handling glulam (stghb) download  
Important instructions for handling cross-laminated timber (stghb) download  
Building with cross-laminated timber in multi-storey construction (MM Holz, HFA) download download  
Building with cross-laminated timber (stghb) download download download  
Building and living with wood (idh) download  
Design of BS timber components according to EN 1995-1-1 (idh) download  
Cross-laminated timber design (proHolz Austria) download download  
Expert opinion on formaldehyde (Fraunhofer Institute) download  
Production and properties of glued solid timber products (idh) download  
Wood protection for timber engineering structures (idh) download  
Wood protection: Structural measures (idh) download  
Comparison: Constructing a single-family house in solid timber and conventionally (Bachelor thesis) download  

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